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About Me

Blissful me at the Ishiya chocolate factory in Sapporo 2017

Hi. My name is Sherlyn. I have lived in Singapore for 28 years of my life and moved to the United States in January 2017.

By profession, I am a Financial Crimes specialist in the Singapore Banking/Financial Services/Casino Gaming industry. I took a career hiatus in November 2017 to prepare for my relocation which involved many administrative and legal matters to settle. I do not know what will become of my career yet but definitely ain’t giving up on it. 

During this time , I would be blogging to share about my love for cooking, eating, shopping and traveling. Not to worry, I will not neglect this site even if I do rejoin the corporate world. 

For those who knew me, I had started cooking and preparing my own meals about 5 years ago as the price of food at the Marina Bay Financial Centre was exorbitant and I always had no time to eat (cooped up at my work cubicle). Thereafter, I branched out to healthier cooking and lifestyle after I showed signs of hypothyroidism in late 2013 which has been kept under control since early 2016.

β™₯️ Sherlyn

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