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Ms. Sherlyn

Blissful me at the Ishiya chocolate factory in Sapporo 2017

Hi. My name is Sherlyn. I have lived in Singapore for 28 years of my life and have moved to the United States with my husband in January 2017.

I grew up in a pretty comfortable environment and have a close-knitted family. However, having a strong-willed personality, I was determined to carve a name for myself, and so… Armed with a polytechnic diploma, I joined the brutal corporate world at the age of 20.

I was with the top local bank via a prestigious banking program which exposed me to top management and daily banking functions. Yeps, I witnessed the ‘Lehman Brothers’ saga and the sub-prime financial crisis. After the completion of the program, I explored corporate governance and financial crimes, and my career flourished from there.

Not forgetting, I also met the then-boyfriend-now-husband; who became my other pillar of support, my best friend, my advisor… And now, my life-long companion and soul mate. Without that phone call he made, my financial crimes career would probably never had started. Without that push, I probably would never have thought of completing my Masters; with top honors – gaining entries into Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Nope, I wasn’t born smart, I had always been an average student (ps: I was in the last express class for screwing up my PSLE and scolded almost daily by teachers for being hopeless. I screwed up again during the Secondary 2 streaming as well and went into the last 2nd Express class too).

My life has been pretty smooth-sailing. Every time I get hit, I recover. Albeit lucky, I was obviously not spared from all the corporate politics and corporate jealousy. You name it, you have it… I had been betrayed, back-stabbed, taken for a ride and one of the worst episodes; ‘retrenched’ without a valid reason (shows how unprotected white-collared workers in Singapore are)… Bla bla bla. But well, “whatever doesn’t get you down, makes you stronger!”

Nuff said. I recently quit from the corporate world and am taking a career hiatus. This is also due to my relocation which involves many administrative and legal matters to settle. I do not know what will become of my career yet but definitely ain’t giving up on it. My husband is in full support of me continuing my career pursuits. 

During this time , I would be blogging to share about my love for cooking, eating, shopping, traveling and wedding (planning and materializing it almost alone – hubby was in the states to embark on the new journey first). Not to worry, I will not neglect this site even if I rejoin the corporate world. 

For those who knew me, I had started cooking and preparing my own meals about 5 years ago as the price of food at the Marina Bay Financial Centre was exorbitant and I always had no time to eat (cooped up at my cubicle and don’t even have time to 打包). Thereafter, I branched out to healthier cooking and lifestyle after I showed signs of hypothyroidism in late 2013 which has been kept under control since early 2016.

♥️ Sherlyn

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