Magnolia Bakery is a bakery in New York City. Today, it has evolved into a chain. The first location opened in 1996 in Manhattan. The bakery is known for its desserts, especially its cupcakes.

And so… I obviously had to try it. I was told that there would usually be a queue. However, I visited the Grand Central store after work, at about 8.40pm and there was no queue. 😄 Being there at such a late timing, many goodies were already sold out. I wanted the seasonal Banana Smores Pudding which was gone. However, there were a few cupcakes, muffins and cake slices left. They are known for their cupcakes so I bought the cupcakes. It isn’t cheap for sure, $3.75 per cupcake before sales tax.


I didn’t eat them immediately. It was meant to be the next day’s breakfast so I stored it in the refrigerator. I had the carrot cupcake the next morning and surprisingly I didn’t find the quality compromised. The cakes were still soft and spongy, the cream cheese buttercream didn’t go bad either.

I now understand why they are popular:

  • Cakes are light, spongy and the taste is very well balanced. The carrot cupcake had raisins, julienned carrot obviously and nuts. Nope! It is not sugary sweet.
  • The buttercream was also surprisingly light  and not sugary. Those who know me, I usually dump buttercreams cuz most suck. However, not with Magnolia’s, it complements the spongy cake very well. In Singapore, we would use the term ‘jerlat’. Nope, the buttercream is not jerlat. Fyi I wasn’t paid to praise them.

Will I buy and eat them again? Definitely yes! I understand that Magnolia has a branch in Shibuya, Tokyo. I’m not able to comment if they are the same but do give it a try if you are in Tokyo or New York City!


  1. 5-10-1 GYRE B1F, Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo | Store Hours: 11am-8pm
  2. Grand Central Terminal, Lower Dining Concourse, New York, NY | Store Hours: M-F: 7:30am-10pm, Sat: 9am-10pm / Sun: 9am-8pm
  3. ORIGINAL STORE | 401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street, New York, NY | Store Hours: Sun-Th: 9:30am-11pm, F-Sat: 9:30am-12am

Other US locations and international locations (South Korea, UAE, Mexico). Check it here: