Yes. I’ll show you how to shop and some nifty things here.

  1. How to Shop? Illustration here will show you with an example of finding storage furniture for a kid’s room. Just keep repeating and adding what you want. 
    To find the item, type 儿童玩具收纳架 in the field that has the magnifying glass and press search.
    Loads of stuff gonna appear. I doubt you will ever finish scrolling lol. So just shortlist whatever you want. Press on whatever that interests you.
    Don’t be too impulsive. You can favorite it by selecting the star ‘收藏’ below. But if you really decide that this is the one, feel free to add to your cart by selecting ‘加入购物车’. Go through the options the product may or not have, the quantity and select ‘确定’.
    To access all your favorites: On the main page, select ‘我的淘宝’ at the bottom.
    You will come to this screen. Select ‘收藏夹’.
    All your favorites will appear here! Remember I told you not to be impulsive? That is because we are gonna try and find the cheapest! Select ‘找相仪’!
    So the item you are trying to find will appear on top and TaoBao will try and match similar items. You can scroll through to find if there are cheaper ones and review those and add to your cart instead.

  2. Using a picture (yes, no need to type Chinese words) to find a product you want (not 100% accurate all the time but it does work). I’ll find a random water bottle here. 
    Press the camera picture.
    You either take a picture of the item or press ‘相册’ to access your photo album to select the picture of the item you wish to find.
    The picture you took or the photo you selected will appear here and TaoBao will be trying to match and find.
    Look! Wow! Managed to find the exact same thing. So of course I’m gonna find the cheapest and a good rated seller! PS: A lot of BlogShop clothes can be found here.
  3. Deciphering a seller – rating! 
    On the item page, scroll down and you will see the shop name and rating. I typically only buy when they have ratings like the blue crown you see or at minimal, yellow diamonds (blue crown > blue diamond > yellow diamond). I won’t really bother about the rest like even hearts.
  4. Deleting items from my cart. 
    Swipe to the left and select ‘删除’
  5. Check Out. So you are ready to Check Out!
    Press the cart at the top and you will come to this page. All the items in your cart will appear. Select individually on what you want to check out. If you want everything, select ‘全选’. Select ‘结算’ to continue!
    Now. Check your name, phone number and address. Check that you have selected your forwarder under ‘物流方式’ and check the domestic shipping cost under ‘配送方式’ (‘免邮’ means free). Select ‘提交订单’ when you are ready.
    This will pop out. The last 4 digits of your credit card will appear. The total cost in RMB will appear. Do not that Alipay charges 3% of your total. The total amount to be paid will be shown under ‘需付款’. Select ‘确认付款’ when you are ready. You will be prompted for your credit card expiry date in MM/YY and the last 4 digits of your credit card. After that, you will be prompted for your 6 digit pin to authorize the transaction.
  6. Waiting for item to reach the TaoBao warehouse. Checking on status. 
    Go back to the TaoBao main page and select ‘我的淘宝’ at the bottom. You will come to this screen, select ‘待收货’.
    This page will appear. ‘查看物流’ means tracking (oh yes! that’s hubby’s computer fans, Yeps 80% cheaper than Amazon) and ‘确认收货’ (hehe! That’s my first batch of goods coming to me soon!) means acknowledgement on receiving of goods. What you really wanna see is ‘合并转运’ cuz it means that all your items are in the warehouse and ready to be consolidated.
  7. Consolidating your order and prepare for international delivery. (Check out Part 3!)