I first tried Yaki Udon in Tokyo, at the famous ‘Piss Alley’/Memory Lane where all the yakitoris (charcoal grilled chicken sticks) are at. These sticks have since had an expanded range and you can find squid, beef, scallops, vegetables etc etc. Anyway, back to the Yaki Udon, so… We ordered it cuz we needed some carbs after all the walking in Tokyo. Well, it was surprisingly quite good, a change from the soupy udon and ramen we had.

And so… I have a huge pack of uncooked udon as I made Curry Katsu Udon some time back. After having much success with cooking pasta in the Instant Pot, I decided to recreate Yaki Udon. 

Serves 2-3 | Cook Time: 3 mins


  • 2 bunches of Uncooked Udon (looks like spaghetti but different color)
  • 3 cups of Water/Mushroom Water
  • 3 tbsp Mensutyu (known as Soba Sauce for Cold Noodles – made of Dashi Stock and Bonito Flakes)
  • 1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
  • 1 tsp Dark Soy Sauce if you prefer a darker color (my picture omitted the dark soy sauce)
  • 1/2 tsp Sesame Oil
  • Dried/Fresh Sliced Shitake; handful
  • 12 Shrimps/Prawns; frozen
  • Shredded Vegetables; handful (my picture omitted vegetables)
  • 2 Eggs; scrambled 


  1. Put all the ingredients into the pot, noodles at the bottom, submerged in the liquid. You might need to break your udon into 2 if you are using the long ones like spaghetti. I’m using the short ones and it fits nicely into the pot.
  2. Set to ‘Manual’, ‘High Pressure’, 3 mins. Seal the vent. Do an immediate quick release after it beeps. 
  3. Serve immediately, do not put on ‘Keep Warm’ as it will stick to the pot and dry up after some time. 

* Mensutyu is already salty as it is a concentrated base. Therefore, please do not add any more salt. You can find it at the Asian Grocery store, it is essentially Soba Sauce.

* If you want to use crabsticks, stir in after the Yaki Udon is cooked as these crab sticks are already cooked. It will distintegrate if you throw it into the pot and pressure cook it. You can skip it. 

* If you wish to add chicken, make sure they are small cubes as cook time for the udon cannot exceed beyond 3 mins. It gets mushy.