So… This is probably one of the most important days for us, girls. All those months of dieting, facials, exercising.. All just for the big day! And you certainly don’t want to screw it up with bad make up. 

If you think that you will be safe by simply going to the bridal forum and pick from the list of top 30 artists, think again! With so many blogs trying to make moolah, sometimes it is just so difficult to discern between what’s real and what’s not. I’ve seen a few cases of top 30 artists being late for services, being not-so-nice, rushing to do the job because they have ?&”$&!? customers on that day, defaulting on you just days before your big day. 

Listen here, you are paying good money for them, and they have no absolute right to rush the job, get their assistant to do the job for you but charging their mastery rates, or worse… Cancel on you days before your big day. You already have more than enough stress on your plate, why add more?

Like all brides, my initial pick was of course from the top 30 list.. And I’ve no idea who wrote that list anyway. Rates was a tad high in my opinion, SGD $1200 for a Actual Day Morning Makeup and 1 Change (not redo of make up since mine was a lunch banquet) for the 1st March-in. This does not include her transportation cost or extra eyelashes and ampoules yet. Her hairstyles look very simple and I just wasn’t convinced to pick her. My gf wasn’t very impressed with her portfolio too. 

So who was my mystery make up artist? I said mystery as I hired her privately on my own. I felt that she was worth the money and so I approached her to do the job. She did my make up for the pre wedding shoot and hubby was impressed by her impeccable skills. Being me, I asked for natural make up (because I want my pictures to look like me) and she fulfilled it. 

Ok. This is a picture taken at my solemnization. We held it 1 month right after the bf-then-hubby proposed. Prior to that, I didn’t expect to get hitched in 2016 and so I actually chopped off my hair! 😝 And… My pre-wedding shoot was 2 weeks later as bf-then-hubby and me are so busy with work and our choice photographer was not available on later days that we want. In this picture, make-up was done by myself and very simple; make up base, loose powder, blusher, eyebrows and eyeliner. So you can say that it is almost similar to my natural self.

Solemnization – Picture with Senior Pastor Tan Kwang Tat

Here are some pictures of my pre-wedding shoot taken by Jay from Castalia Weddings. Notice the gorgeous hairstyles! My MUA uses extensions close to my true hair color to create volume and length. Notice how she uses make up to enhance my face and eyes too.

Everyone was commenting.. Wow you have so much hair! And most importantly, I am still recognizable from the pictures. It is somehow very ironic that most people can’t really recognize themselves in their wedding pictures. As proof, these are pictures of my usual self.

2017 – Zero Makeup as I was going to the Onsen!
2015 – Selfie after work (Light Makeup)
2015 – Light Makeup on a Sunday
2015 – With my uber long hair and zero makeup
2015 – Jet lagged fat face, zero makeup, 30 hours flight/stopover

And here.. My actual day wedding and makeup. Pictures are by Kok Chin, a freelance photographer I will recommend for your events. He has helped to capture both my solemnization and actual day wedding. 

2nd March-in
1st March-in
Close up of Hair Design – Tea Ceremony
Morning Makeup

Wedding Day Video Highlights by Jackie Tan

So… My mystery make up artist is none other than Gina Gan. She is based in JB. Her rates for me is SGD$900 flat (includes eyelashes, hair accessories, accessories, ampoules, transportation) for Morning Makeup, 1st March-in and Second March-in. FYI, my real hair was only barely touching my shoulder on my wedding day. Despite being a popular day (25 Dec 2016), Gina only has 1 client other than me (Teochew Bride that required completed makeup by 4am and her dinner banquet) stayed with me from 6.30am till after the Second March-in (approximately 2.30pm) and tagged alongside with me to do touch ups. I am not paid to promote her and I’m not going to receive any gratuity even if you hire her.. I am doing so because I sincerely think that she deserves this! 

Contact: Gina Gan +65 98433415

Facebook Page:

So, Brides-to-be.. if you have still not yet engaged your MUA, you might want to check Gina out!