This post is specially written for my fellow followers in Singapore. I am not receiving any benefits from Instant Pot by writing this post. The reason why I am sharing it is because this product is awesome and I realize that United Kingdom (U.K.) has a 220V version; this means it can be used in Singapore. According to fellow users and my husband, it is not energy efficient to use a United States (U.S.) model in Singapore by using a step up transformer. Also, you may spoil the equipment. 

This product saves a lot of time on cooking (up to 70% faster) and is way much safer than the stove top pressure cooker. It is essentially an electric pressure cooker with a program menu and manual settings. I have ever used a stove top pressure cooker and experienced an explosion before (so I’m definitely not kidding about the safety part). Furthermore, pressure cooking goes a long time back and it is known that pressure cooking locks in your food nutrients.

There are several models of the Instant Pot and it comes in different sizes:

  1. IP Lux – First generation model 
  2. IP Duo – Functions of the Duo with 2 more extra functions. Improved model with better safety functions. 
  3. IP Smart (Featured Image) – Bluetooth enabled with functions of the Lux and Duo.
  4. New model out soon that takes into account altitude differences and more features.

Honestly speaking, I am using the IP Duo and am pretty happy with it. I’m not the tech sort of person who really need to control my cooking via a phone (anyway Bluetooth signal radius isn’t fantastic). While I am excited with the new model, I’m pretty cool with staying with my current till it breaks down.

FYI, I own 2 IP Duo. It is just that awesome. 

I believe you can order this product via eBay U.K.. You might also want to check if Amazon U.K. can ship the item to Singapore.