This is the other type of beef you need to get your tongues on. Matsusaka beef is a prized black hair wagyu, also known as the ‘Japanese Black’ or ‘Kuroge Washu’. It is apparently the most expensive beef in Japan, rivaling the well-known Kobe beef.

Lucky me got my tongue on it and it was so good. Awesome marbling due to its high fat ratio. We selected the recommended BBQ set menu (13,800¥ for 2 pax). The chef would select 6 different cuts for you and you DIY BBQ the beef yourself. It is so fresh that having it medium rare (rare if you dare) is no problem! There is a non-BBQ set menu which serves you different styles; including Matsusaka Sushi. However, we did our research and it appears that BBQ is actually more worth it and popular.

You could order sides to accompany your beef. My younger sister and I shared the highly raved stone pot garlic rice. We scrapped the bowl clean, nuff said!

Do give it a try if you ever have the opportunity to. It is definitely worth your moolahs!

Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M (Several Outlets)

*Advance reservation is strongly recommended