Kobe beef would be a more known name to the masses as compared to Matsusaka Beef (shared in my previous post). It refers to the tajima strain of the wagyu cattle. The other names for the Kobe beef are Kobe beef are Kobe niku, Kobe-gyu or Kobe-ushi.

So what is the difference between the Kobe Wagyu Beef and Matsusaka Wagyu Beef. To my knowledge, Kobe has a marbling grade of 6+ while the Matsusaka is a 10-12. Apparently, the higher the grading, the more expensive it is, and rarer. FYI, wagyus raised in the US does not meet those grading.. Way off the scale! So if you think a Lawry’s is good, Morton is good or even CUT is good, try the Japanese wagyu and your opinion will probably change.

I’m not a food connoisseur but the Kobe wagyu gives a more melt-in-your-mouth taste; akin to foie gras, while the Matsusaka has a stronger beefy taste. Both are good for sure, just a different texture. However, due to the popularity of the Kobe beef, do be very careful on what is real, and what is not. I saw tonnes of Kobe beef shop on my last trip to Kobe in Jan 2017. The prices can go as low as 2,200¥ and I highly doubt it’s authencity.

My recommendation still sticks with A-1, I was there in 2011 and back again in 2017. Standards didn’t change, portion didn’t change,price didn’t change and OF COURSE THE TASTE DID NOT CHANGE TOO. It was still just as good and worth the bucks. It is not your high class and fine-dining sort of place, but do not be put off by the casual setting because you will be missing out badly!

And this.. In 2017

Went to this outlet in 2011 (Opens for Dinner only)
Will I return again, certainly! Hubby says yes too. 😋

Ordered the 170g Portion Set Meal at 7,400¥

Noms nom. Posing before I wipe the plate.
a-1 Kobe (Several Outlets)

*Lunch timing is pretty quiet but dinner has a queue. 


Nearest Station: JR Sannomiya