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I did receive some questions with regards to my gowns and so I’ll address them here.

Here some pictures of my gowns for the benefit of those who did not get to see it in person.

Gown #1 – 出嫁/Groom picks Bride (Lace and Chiffon; comes with ‘bones’, the back is zipped and has a short train) -> from catalogue

View of the sexy lace back
The front

Gown #2 – 1st March-in (Lace, organza, satin, layerings underneath, sleeves, bones, long 2m/6’6ft train, laced back, zipped) -> self designed 

Gown #3 – Evening Gown (Tie-back corset, bones) -> from catalogue but chose my own color/cloth)

  1. Did you rent your wedding gowns from a bridal shop? No.
  2. Are they made-to-measure? Yes.
  3. Can it be altered if it does not fit you? Yes. However, 3 weeks lead time is required and there will be an additional fee depending on the level of difficulty and if it was not due to a error in the measuring of your body size. 
  4. Can you design your own gown? Yes, or you can select from a range of designs.
  5. Can you choose the type of cloth? Yes, there is a huge range of cloth to select from.
  6. Can you choose the color? Yes, there is a huge range of colors to select from.
  7. How much time is needed to make the gown? 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the level of difficulty. 

Interested in making your own gown? Reach me at