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We have seen many advertisements on TV saying that their search tool is the best.. Or find the cheapest hotels here etc etc… Forget about them! My husband (then bf) and me have been traveling free-and-easy on our own for the last 4 years; meaning no tour agent to plan for us, buy tickets for us, book hotels for us or rent a car for us. 
My friends always ask me, “Wah! How did you find such cheap tickets/hotels/cars?” So here… This is my my not-so-secret search tool which my own MBA classmate shared with me and I’ve been reliant on it since then.

CLICK HERE for SkyScanner!

However, please do note that there are some exceptions:

  • Domestic Flights in the US – Southwest Airlines (I love them) is not on Skyscanner, therefore, please go directly to Southwest to check if their flights are cheaper. Please do remember that most of the domestic airlines charge for check-in baggage except Southwest and I think JetBlue. Please take into account the baggage charges when adding up.
  • Promotions privy to members – It will not be listed publicly duh. You will need to log in to your membership account to check on that (i.e. Krisflyer, Beta Gamma Sigma, Star Alliance, Expedia Silver/Gold etc.)
  • Change the currency to your home country currency!!

Some nifty tools on SkyScanner:

  1. Creating a price alert for flights. Yes you can monitor your flight prices for those planning or thinking if they should take a vacation. Yes! They will email you to inform and update you so you do not need to keep checking back.
  2. Searching for the cheapest!
  3. Don’t scroll and find through 800+ results. Filter. What time you want to fly in/out? Which airline is a no-no?

I hope this will help you in your next holiday! By the way, the prices you see above are for New York to Singapore (2 ways) and you can get the cheapest tickets at USD $485 (SGD $690)! 😱