A wedding is a huge milestone in a woman’s life. I remembered as a little girl; I would fantasize about wearing that long white fairy gown and walking down the aisle to my love with flowers and glitter floating in the air.

While a western wedding is usually a simple ceremony; having a few guests and such.. It is not quite the same for Chinese weddings. Even if you intend to skip some traditions, it will still not be as simple and straightforward.

I will be sharing a wedding plan guide soon for all you brides-to-be. It worked for me and I believe it should help to guide you along. After all… I planned my almost 300 guests wedding alone (my hubby was already in the United States settling our documentations, housing etc).

Check back soon!

  1. 8-12 months wedding plan guide
  2. Pre-wedding photography
  3. Selecting your make-up artist and hairstylist
  4. Actual-wedding photography and videography
  5. Tailor-making your gowns and suits (in case you decided not to rent)
  6. Wedding decorations – how to save and buy with TaoBao?
  7. Maintaining your skin and lowing some weight
  8. Many many more…
2nd March-in my tailor made gown

♥️ Sherlyn