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I had tried many kaisendons (Japanese seafood bowl) from around Japan, including the ones at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. However, after trying Sawasakisuisan Kaisenshokudo in Otaru, it has topped my list. This isn’t some posh restaurant but a little food stand/shop that can sit about 10 people only. Kaisendons range from 1200¥ to 5000¥ (depends on what you eat!) and it comes along with their crab miso soup and hot green tea.

The price range might be a little alarming to you but I can bet you it is going to be worth it. It was so good that my sister and me could eat another bowl each :p Hokkaido is the mother of seafood so no doubt the freshest source will be here itself!

If you come to Otaru, make sure you try it. The number of people in the shop is constant and gets crowded closer to lunch and dinner. Therefore, do be prepared to wait… But, you are not going to regret it.

Sawasakisuisan Kaisenshokudo
Japan, 〒047-0031 Hokkaidō, Otaru-shi, Ironai, 1 Chome−6−8, 一福